Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Blooms

I was inspired by a blog recently.  Dragonflies in First had these great Blooms posters that I so wanted to use, but they have since revised Blooms so I had to make my own.  Hers are still better in my opinion, but I did my best.

Sticky Notes are a beautiful thing.

I have around 95 kids that I see everyday for Reading.  They have composition books that they do all of their novel study work in.  Each group of 30 or so kids is reading a different book.  My conundrum: How do I correct comprehension questions from 3 different books and 95 kids every week?  Here is my new solution.
Each table of 4 must discuss and agree on all answers which are then transferred to sticky notes that represent each group (this requires 8 colors of sticky notes!).  I then quickly go down the line and score each group's and note which questions they need to reconsider the answer for with red whiteboard marker. A super time saver.  They can then be left up until the quiz and students can read over each other's answers to get more supporting details or better justifications for answers.

I am now inspired to find the many uses for sticky notes in the classroom.