Saturday, March 9, 2013

Interactive Notebook Posters

This is a work in progress but I thought I would share now as people are making plans for next year already (really?).  After years of doing interactive notebooks, I wanted to make a series of posters that I could put up in the classroom as a reference for the kids.  They have a rubric in their notebook to guide them, but sometimes having them on the wall is much better for those who need the visual reminder.  Notebooks are more effective for you and your students if you have a clear rubric and set of requirements laying out what you expect.
Interactive notebook - organization

Interactive notebook - table of contents

Interactive notebook - headings and titles

My goal is to get them into dollar store frames and hang them right above the white board.  I did them in Powerpoint so that I can use it as a presentation for next year (on my new IPAD and Apple TV system!).  I am also working on something to send home to parents as well.  Of course, interactive notebook requirements are different for everyone, but I would say pick and choose what works for you and incorporate what you like for your class.


  1. Love your reminders for Interactive Notebooks!

    1. Thanks Michele! I use them on our grading rubrics too. Let me know if you would add anything new :)