Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ancient Greece - Vases

I had so much stuff for Greece to share that I had to break it up into parts.  It is one of my favorites to teach.  After we learn about mythology, we do a quick little project that the students really enjoy.

The very first thing we do is take notes on the three main types of the Grecian vases in our interactive notebooks.  We also practice traditional looking borders that can be used on their vases.
Greek Vases - Notebook Notes
First, each student gets a Greek myth.  I copy several copies of a bunch that I like to use.  You could have them do research on their own to find one too.  I ask my students to write a summary for the myth that they read.  These are written in their notebooks.  Then, everyone gets a rubric that looks like this:
Greek Vase Rubric
If you would like one, just download it here.  We do our vases in class so part of my rubric includes a worktime grade.

Narcissus Vase
Daedalus and Icarus Vase
 I show the kids how to cut out the vase shape symmetrically (think Valentine's hearts) and how to separate the vase into borders and sections.  They are to draw a picture of the myth that they studied into the main part of their vase.  All of their work is typically done first in pencil, then they trace it in black marker.  Here are the results of a few from this year...
Golden Touch Vase
 It is a really fun project and I hope you get to try it out the next time you teach Ancient Greece!  If you have any questions let me know.

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